What should I write my first blog post about?

It’s a pretty common question. A more cynical person might suggest that this post title was chosen precisely because it’s such a popular long-tail search phrase. (Don’t know what a long-tail search phrase is? I can definitely help you with your SEO.)

Thing is, it’s also a question I’ve been asking myself. I spend a lot of my working day writing blog posts for businesses, which also involves everything from researching new topics and industries to devising long-term content strategies. With so much of my time spent writing blogs for others (not complaining!) blogging for myself can often take a back seat.

That’s a shame, from a personal and a business perspective. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sung blogging’s praises as cheap and efficient content marketing, and yet I’ve taken far too long to start applying that to my own business. Still, the hardest part of any journey is the first step. So what should I write my first blog post about? If you’re asking that question, I’ve got some answers; and I’m going to apply them to my first blog post too.

  1. Talk about yourself. You might not plan on making your personality your brand, but if you’re looking to build interest and trust you need to show the online world a little something. There’s a reason so many businesses have prominent “About” pages linked on their landing page: check out mine for a little about me.
  2. Let people know what’s coming. What are you going to be blogging about? Why are you doing this? If you want people to care enough to bookmark your blog and check back later, you need to show that you’ve got some kind of plan. That doesn’t mean you need a long-term content strategy just yet; but you do need to know which way you’re steering. Besides writing advice and reflections on freelancing, I plan on posting a few blog series – just things I’m interested in which others might find useful, and which can also work to diversify my portfolio. First up? Stoic Saturdayscheck in on Saturday to find out more.
  3. Encourage engagement. If readers like your content, they’ll hopefully want to get involved. Give site visitors ways to comment on your posts and links to contact you – including social media – and you’ll have a much easier time holding their attention. I’d love to hear from anyone reading this: did you find it helpful? Unhelpful? Please let me know: I’m always looking to improve my work and my content.

Most importantly, don’t overthink that first post. If you’re nervous about it, treat it like ripping off a sticking plaster: grit your teeth and get on with it. If you don’t have the time or would like more help with your content generation, drop me a line – I’m here to help.

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